• Nano drug delivery system innovation platform
    The research and development of nano drug carriers is the advanced technology platform for innovative drug delivery, targeted drug delivery, improving drug bioavailability, reducing drug toxicity and side effects! The core nano drug loading technology not only can solve the problem of solubility and absorbability of Chinese and Western medicine, but also can improve the conventional way of taking medicine, especially for Chinese traditional medicine toward internationalization and modernization, and provides an important way to open up the international field.
    Advantages of Nano Drug Delivery Systems
    • Enhanced targeted drug delivery
    • It can be extended to prolong the time of drug action
    • Improve the bioavailability of drugs
    • It can improve the stability of the drug and protect the medicine from the hydrolysis of various enzymes in the body
    • Under the premise of ensuring the role of drugs, to reduce the dosage, so as to reduce or avoid toxic side effects
    Application Advantages of Nanometer Drug Delivery System
    • Drug
    • High-end cosmetics
    • Hygienic disinfectant preparation
    • Drug Accessories
    • Healthy food
    • Petroleum extraction

    Application of the drug field:

       The nano-drug delivery system innovatively wraps the active ingredients of drugs in the carrier material to prepare nano-micelle aqueous solution. On the one hand, it can solve the problem of poor solubility and absorption of drugs, precisely target drug delivery, improve drug bioavailability and reduce drug toxicity and side effects. At present, many effective components of natural medicines such as curcumin, Argyle leaf oil, berberine, paclitaxel, resveratrol have been prepared into water-soluble nano-preparations. On the other hand, it can innovate the ways of drug administration, realize the needs of various ways of drug inhalation, lighten the burden and pain of patients, and provide convenience for patients. At present, this technology has been applied to the transdermal absorption of active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, the change of delivery routes of biological products such as insulin and vaccines, etc. It opens up a new way for the future development of drugs. Chitosan nano-pharmaceuticals have shown their unique advantages in the fields of chemical drugs, traditional Chinese medicines and natural medicines, or biochemical drugs, oral, injection preparations, or transdermal absorption of new dosage forms. This technology will be the best in the research of new pharmaceuticals and the production system of new products.

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